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Who we are

A little about us

We are a Spanish family business founded in Barcelona in 1967 and engaged in the manufacture and distribution of professional cosmetic products.
We are a team of more than 260 people with great technical and innovation capabilities. We also have a highly advanced laboratory with 22 professionals completely dedicated to research and innovation in the cosmetic sector.
We have a team of excellent professionals who are highly specialised in our sector. Hand in hand, we intend to continue consolidating our growth and success, both within and beyond our borders.
Our objectives
-To continue being the benchmark beauty brand exclusively for professionals around the world, with effective and innovative formulas for skin and hair.
-To continue working with beauty professionals in mind, maintaining exclusive distribution through hair salons and professional aesthetic services.
-To grow together with our customers, providing personalised solutions for them to develop as professionals and to achieve success in their businesses.

Our mission

Where we came from, where we are going to

We are a brand that is…
-Exclusively for professionals: we believe that professionals are the best opinion leaders for our products, which is why defend exclusivity for the professional network.
-Scientific: advanced innovation and research are our cornerstones. The results: products that offer immediate and long-lasting solutions.
-Accessible: our customers are our priority. A sales network made up of 110 salespeople in Spain, with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, enables us to maintain close relationships with our customers, always keeping abreast of their concerns and providing them with tailor-made, personalised solutions.
-Committed to education: we believe that training is the key to progress. For this reason, we offer our customers a complete education programme that is constantly updated by our Technical Department in order to adapt to the sector’s needs.
-Benchmark: 50 years of experience in the market have positioned us as one of the benchmark brands in the professional beauty sector, both nationally and internationally. After having reached the highest levels in the Spanish market, it has dedicated itself to distributing and adapting its products to international markets, achieving excellent positions in many countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Our history

Forever optimistic and enthusiastic

Looking back in time, we fondly remember the passion with which a sales expert,Francisco Muria, and a young, entrepreneurial chemist, Francesc Adam started creating and innovating new product lines specifically for hair care on a professional level.
Our initial aim was to meet the needs of hair salons, and our products were an immediate success. They were soon available in most hair salons across the country. Our colour range became a benchmark of quality in the sector.
Shortly after our inception, the passion for improvement continued to burn brightly, and we took on the challenge of expanding our focus towards skin care, using all of our knowledge towards the search for well-being and overall beauty.
Now on the brink of our 50th anniversary, we still preserve the same youthful and enthusiastic spirit, positioning ourselves as the leading Spanish brand in cosmetics exclusively for professionals, created by and for hair and aesthetic professionals.

Francesc Adam
Montibello Founder and CEO