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Hair-Loss Control Chronos



Intensive treatment for the scalp. Specifically formulated to effectively combat hair-loss due to a hereditary origin. Tested, visible results in 6 weeks (improves hair anchorage [96%] and lengthens the life cycle [100%]; stronger and more vital hair [100%]; halts hair-loss [96%]: perception of a greater quantity of hair [72%]) *. The result is stronger, thicker and more resistant hair and a protected hair capital.


  • Shake before using 
  • Open the stopper by breaking the seal and pulling it carefully. Put the application dropper (nozzle) in place 
  • Wash hair with Treat Naturtech hair-loss control chronos shampoo and dry with a towel. Apply Treat Naturtech hair-loss control chronos concentrate to the scalp by opening areas with the comb, paying special attention to the most affected areas 
  • Massage gently the roots with the fingertips, paying special attention to the most affected areas. Then, comb/dry as usual.

  • For advanced hair-loss, apply 1 phial daily for a period of between 6 and 24 weeks.
  • For moderate hair-loss, apply 3 phials a week for at least 6 weeks.


Dual Stem Cell Complex
Energy booster which stimulates the scalp and fights hair-loss of a hereditary origin.


• Intensive treatment. Hair which is stronger, thicker and more resistant. Cosmeto-Genomic treatment

• Protects and activates the hair follicle’s stem cells

• Makes the hair growth cycle longer-lasting, increasing hair longevity

• Preserves the hair capital and combats hair loss



10x7 ml
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    Chrono-active anti hair-loss shampoo, especially recommended for hair-loss of a hereditary origin