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Keratin Smoothing Treatment



Lotion for hair smoothing that allows us to modify the keratin chains at the same time as restore and nourish the hair fibre. Formaldehyde Free and Ammonia Free




Put ACTIVE  LOTION into a non-metallic bowl (from 3o g to 40 g. In the case of an above the shoulder, medium length hair, and 80 g. in the case of long hair) and apply it on the hair on fine strands, using a small spatula. 

1.-Start off the process at the nape of the neck, and apply the product tirstly on the hair roots, leaving a 0,5 cm distance from the scalp. Continue the application on mid lengths and ends, preading the product out evenly. In order to assre a better distribution of the product, a fine-tooth comb can then be used. 

2. Once the product has been applied, allow it to develop for 10 minutes, on coloured and/or sensitised hair, and for 20 minutes, on natural and/or thick hair. Do not apply heat.

3. Remove the excess product uing a fine-tooth comb.  Blow-dry 80 % of moisture from the hair using the blow-drier at maximum air capacity and medium heat capacity.

4. Proceed to use the hair-iron at a temperature of 210 º C (410º Fahrenheit) on natural hair and at 180 º C (356 º Fahrenheit), on coloured hair, starting at the nape of the neck, on fine, o,5 cm thick strands, until you have done the whole head of hair. The hair-iron should be used from 7 to 10 times on each hair strand in order to obtain an optimum result and smooth hair.

5. When the hair-ironing has finished, wait for 5 minutes before proceeding with rinsing.

 For professional use only




Formulated with the OLEO·KERATIN TECNOLOGY, combines three types of elements:


  • GLX a natural hydroxy acid which is to be found in green fruits, young leaves and in the mushroom micelles.Acts by creating new bonds in the keratin proteins, giving the hair body and rigidity without breaking their strong bonds, additionally, it nourishes and restores the hair fibre, helping to keep the hair smooth for longer.
  • NATURAL KERATIN specially adapted to integrate with the hair.Acts by filling the holes in the hair keratin chains. Gives the hair fibres consistency.
  • ARGAN OIL, which is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 6). Acts by nourishing and protecting the hair, has a lubricating action which minimises the friction between the hair fibres and prevents hair frizziness. It makes the natural movement easier, giving shine and softness.

It contains  vegetable emollient ingredients derived from coconut and palm trees.



Modify the keratin chains, smooth the hair,  restores and nourish the hair fibre.



500 ml
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