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You are in: Hair Care | Lookbook | SPRING-SUMMER 2022 | Terracotta Brown

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In this look, a fusion of earth brown shades and soft shades of clay double the depth of colour, add dimension and infuse the hair with natural warmth.




The bob returns in a smaller version of itself, allowing the neck to come into stunning view. A lightly texturized finish boosts volume and adds a rejuvenating air to the style.

Look Terracotta Brown
How to get it

  1. Apply Dénuée 6.65 + Dénuée Activating cream 6,6 % (22vol) 1+1,5 (COLOUR A) to the roots.
  2. Trace a section in the upper area in the form of a crown. Then, comb COLOUR A through lengths and ends on the sides and at the back.
  3. Take fine lines diagonally, creating a zigzag pattern as shown, and apply Dénuée Soft + Dénuée Activating cream 6,6 % (22vol) 1+2 (COLOUR B).
  4. Apply COLOUR A to the next section.
  5. Apply Dénuée Intense + Dénuée Activating cream 6,6 % (22vol) 1+2 + Silaplex Bond Reinforcer 1 (COLOUR C) to the following section. Continue to combine fine lines of Dénuée Soft, Dénuée hair colour and Dénuée Intense to create multi-tonal depth.
  6. Leave to process for 20 minutes. Wash hair with Decode Zero Essential shampoo. Dry hair completely.
  7. Apply Dénuée 8.65 + Dénuée Activating cream 3,3 % (11vol) 1+1,5 (COLOUR D) to lengths and ends on the top area.
  8. Leave to process for 20 minutes. Wash hair with Decode Zero Essential shampoo and apply Silaplex 2 Bond Restorer. Leave to work for 10 minutes.

  1. Apply Decode Zero Pure to give the hair texture and make it easier to section.
  2. Create a crown section over the top of the head that begins at the temple and passes under the crown.
  3. Begin at the back. Take vertical sections and cut at 90º. Continue cutting vertical sections as you pivot around the head.
  4. Establish the length at the sides, using the cheekbones as a visual reference. Use a point cutting technique, elevating each section slightly.
  5. Blend with the sides by cutting vertical sections at 90º.
  6. Shape the hair at the nape with a gentle gliding movement. Use the scissor tips to create a subtle, natural shape.
  7. Unclip the top section and blend with the sides.
  8. Soften the perimeter by using a point cutting technique to add movement.

Used products
DÉNUÉE activating cream Image 1

DÉNUÉE activating cream

Activating Cream for colouring processes using DÉNUÉE

PURE Image 1


Clean, water-based styling gel developed to tidy, define and enhance the hair’s natural shape

LIFE Image 1


Styling treatment: repairs, strengthens the fibre and improves manageability



Frequent use shampoo: it cleans, purifies and protects.



Reinforcing treatment for internal hair bonds 



Intensive restoring treatment 

Other collections