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You are in: Hair Care | Lookbook | SPRING-SUMMER 2021 | Soft Caramel Frappé

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In the Frappe look, caramel melts into a blend of sandy browns to create subtle and harmonious contrasts and a very natural result.



The 3D COLOUR technique achieves a fusion of frappe shades that boost the depth of this look, which is characterised by overlapping waves that enhance the colour and soften the features.

Look Soft Caramel Frappé
How to get it

1. Apply Colour A to the roots.

2. Divide the hair into two areas by creating a radial parting across the occipital to the ears on both sides as shown. Clip the bottom area and apply Colour A to the lengths and ends on the rest.

3. Use the L size 3D comb to create heavy weaves in the top area.

4. Apply Colour B to the lower layer of weaves.

5. Apply Colour C to the upper layer. Continue throughout the entire top area.

6. Continue the technique through the entire area. Leave to process for 30 minutes. Wash and seal the hair.

COLOUR A: CROMATONE 6.60 + Oxibel 6% (20vol) 1:1

COLOUR B: CROMATONE 7.63 + Oxibel 6% (20vol) 1:1

COLOUR C: CROMATONE 8.60 + Oxibel 9% (30vol) 1:1

1. Trace a radial parting from ear to ear. Then, trace a diagonal line from the parietal ridge to under the crown on both sides to create a diamond shape as shown. Starting from the radial section, create a parting along the parietal ridge to the temples on both sides.

2. Define the perimeter length.

3. Elevate each section to gently layer the hair from shorter to longer. Use the perimeter length as a guide.

4. Blend with the top area, following the shape of the head.

5. Use a SLICING technique to define the fringe.

6. Overdirect sections of the fringe towards the front to blend with the rest of the hair while maintaining the length. Feather the hair to personalize the style and add texture.

Apply DECODE ZERO PURE as a cutting lotion for additional moisture.

Finish with DECODE ZERO PERFECT to boost volume and achieve long-lasting results.

Used products
PURE Image 1


Clean, water-based styling gel developed to tidy, define and enhance the hair’s natural shape



Spray that gently defines and refreshes the texture of the style



Colouring cream

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