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You are in: Hair Care | Lookbook | SPRING-SUMMER 2021 | Pure Chocolate Moka

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Chocolate brown is the star of this spring-summer season. The Moka look combines the purity of melted chocolate with a hint of hazelnut that adds touches of light to the hair and softens the features.



Thanks to the 3D COLOUR technique, this impeccable fusion of shades adds dimension to a strong bob, which is softened with subtle layers that leave a creamy aftertaste.

Look Pure Chocolate Moka
How to get it

1. Apply Colour A to the roots.

2. Create a heart-shaped area on the top of the head as shown and clip away. Apply Colour A to the lengths and ends on the rest of the hair.

3. Use the L size 3D comb to create heavy weaves in the top area.

4. Apply Colour B to the lower layer of weaves.

5. Apply Colour C to the upper layer.

6. Continue the technique through the entire area. Leave to process for 30 minutes. Wash and seal the hair.

COLOUR A: CROMATONE 4.61 + Oxibel 3,75% (12,5vol) 1:1

COLOUR B: CROMATONE 7.61 + Oxibel 6% (20vol) 1:1

COLOUR C: CROMATONE 5.63 + Oxibel 6% (20vol) 1:1

1. Prepare the hair with a cutting lotion and apply Decode Zero PURE.

2. Trace a radial parting from ear to ear and split the top into two sections with a centre parting.

3. Work around the ends, cutting the hair straight across for a blunt finish. IMPORTANT: cut parallel to the floor.

4. Add texture with a CURVE CUTTING technique, working around the head to create a slight layering at the ends.

5. Personalize the look.

6. Create a natural finish.

Use DECODE ZERO PURE to add texture as your begin the cut. This will give you greater flexibility. Add natural-looking definition and finish with DECODE ZERO FLOW.

Used products


Colouring cream

PURE Image 1


Clean, water-based styling gel developed to tidy, define and enhance the hair’s natural shape

FLOW Image 1


Conditioning gel that activates and defines curls



Activating Cream

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