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You are in: Hair Care | Lookbook | SPRING-SUMMER 2021 | Intense Cinnamon Cappuccino

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This Cappuccino look embraces the trendiest shades, such as cinnamon, to break the neutrality of browns and add touches of warmth to the look. This new combination of shades maximises multi-tonal colour thanks to the 3D COLOUR technique.



A long bob, with its extraordinarily light texture, is framed by the season’s must-have -baby bangs- which are long, loose and feathered at the ends to add movement and freshness to the look.

Look Intense Cinnamon Cappuccino
How to get it

1. Apply Colour A to the roots.

2. Section the hair into three areas by creating a ring-shaped middle section around the head. Apply Colour A to lengths and ends on the lower area.

3. Starting at the back, use the M size 3D comb to separate the hair into two layers of weaves.

4. Apply Colour B to the lower layer of weaves.

5. Apply Colour C to the upper layer. Continue the technique through the area.

6. Apply Colour A to lengths and ends on the top area. Leave to process for 20 minutes. Wash and seal the hair.

COLOUR A: DÉNUÉE 5.23 + Activating cream 3,3% (11vol) 1:1´5

COLOUR B: DÉNUÉE 7.23 + Activating cream 6,6% (22vol) 1:1´5

COLOUR C: DÉNUÉE 9.34 + Activating cream 9,9% (33vol) 1:1´5

1. Prepare the hair with a cutting lotion and apply Decode Zero PURE.

2. Starting 5 cm from the front hairline, create a large, oval section across the crown as shown.

3. Use a blunt cut to define the length.

4. Use a razor to create the fringe.

5. Gently layer the lower section from shorter to longer. Use the perimeter length as a guide.

6. Use the SLICING technique to blend the two areas.

Apply DECODE ZERO PURE as a cutting lotion for additional moisture. Finish the style with DECODE ZERO LIFE to seal the ends and achieve greater control.

Used products
PURE Image 1


Clean, water-based styling gel developed to tidy, define and enhance the hair’s natural shape

LIFE Image 1


Styling treatment: repairs, strengthens the fibre and improves manageability



Activating Cream

DÉNUÉE: ammonia-free permanent hair colour Image 1

DÉNUÉE: ammonia-free permanent hair colour

Water-based hair dye that delivers the colour and shine of natural hair.

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