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Create cool, metallic shades and tones.

In the City Lights collection, Montibello reveals different ways of incorporating the metallic trend into hair colour services by adapting it to suit the personality of each and every one of your clients. 

Whether it is creating cold reflects for women who prefer natural-looking shades, refreshing loyal trend followers’ looks with iridescent metallic reflects or highlighting the creative spirit of your more daring clients by pushing metallic shades to the limit, City Lights offers something for everyone. 


How to get it

1. Divide the hair into two sections with a parting from the front hairline to the occipital bone. Then, create another parting from ear to ear across the back of the head.

2. Continue to section the front by tracing a parting from ear to ear over the top of the head. Create a triangular section between the temple and the ear on each side.

3. Begin by applying Colour A from roots to ends in the back section and the triangular area between the temple and the ear.

4. In the following sections, create horizontal slices and apply Colour A on the roots. Lighten mids and ends in a W shape as shown by applying Colour B. 

5. Between veils, apply Colour A from roots to ends on slices 1 cm thick. Isolate and protect with EASY MECHES foils. 

6. Continue to apply Colour A on the roots and lighten mids and ends with Colour B in the front area.

7. In the fringe area, apply Colour A to the roots and weave fine highlights, applying Colour B. Leave to develop for 20 minutes

8. Wash hair with TREAT NATURTECH SENSI DERMO SHAMPOO and dry completely.

9. Trace vertical slices of 1 cm in thickness, combining Colour C and Colour D to finish adding a metallic effect to the look.

10. Leave to develop for 15 minutes, then wash hair with TREAT NATURTECH PROTECT SHAMPOO. Apply SILAPLEX 2 BOND RESTORER and leave for 10 minutes.


COLOUR A: Cromatone Metallics 7.22M + Oxibel 3.75% (12.5 vol.).

COLOUR B: Platiblanc Advanced Extreme + Oxibel 3.75 % (12.5 vol) + Silaplex 1 Bond Reinforcer.

COLOUR C: Cromatone Metallics 7.22M + Oxibel 2% (7 vol.) + Silaplex 1 Bond Reinforcer.  

COLOUR D: Cromatone Metallics 9.12M + Oxibel 2% (7 vol.) + Silaplex 1 Bond Reinforcer. 




SECTION DIAGRAM: Profile line and radial parting from ear to ear. 

- Isolate a triangular fringe section from the highest point of the head to the outer eyebrow. 

- Begin cutting in the side or temple area, working on slightly diagonal sections. Your hands should be parallel to each section.

- Continue on the other side, using the same point as a reference.

- Use the length at the sides as a guide to cut the back straight across. Repeat throughout the entire section.

- For the fringe, cut the lower layer of hair in a blunt line, and use the Deep Point Cutting technique on the upper layer for a choppy effect.

FINAL RESULT: To create a natural look, use DECODE ABSOLUTE PLUS for a perfectly smooth finish.

Distribute DECODE SMOOTH PERFECTION through damp hair.
To create a natural final look, use DECODE ABSOLUTE PLUS for a perfectly smooth finish

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