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DÉNUÉE activating cream

Ammonia-free Permanent Hair Colouration

DÉNUÉE activating cream


ACTIVATING CREAM with natural emollients specifically designed for use with the ammonia-free permanent DÉNUÉE hair colour to deliver 100% natural mimetic colour results.

DÉNUÉE contains 4 activating creams with 5.5 vol (1.7%), 11 vol (3.3%), 22 vol (6.6%) and 33 vol (9.9%) so that you can offer all kinds of colouring services at your salon.


Mix exclusively with DÉNUÉE hair colour using a 1:1.5 ratio

See additional information for specific techniques.


Designed to optimise the colouring process, enhance chromaticity and deliver 100% natural mimetic results.

It comes with a special viscosity adjustment system to get the perfect texture in all hair application techniques.

Formulated with Myrica wax, a plant-based emollient that provides a silky, weightless feel and emolliency to hair.


  • Up to 97% natural-origin ingredients
  • 100% vegan formula
  • Creamy texture that facilitates mixing and application
  • Stabilised formula for precise colour results
  • Utmost comfort during application
  • More sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging


1000 ml
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