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NOMAD ACCENT is an ode to the transition between summer and winter. 

It represents the transfer of the warmth of summer to hair colour, even in the depth of winter. It brings the freedom to combine these two seasons to create more sophisticated, unique “warm-cool” shades and the power to add bright colours to sober bases and break the monotony of winter with unique, versatile looks that are brimming with personality.

This collection ventures into the universe of nomadic tribes, taking inspiration from the patterned fabrics that are a part of their cultural identity.

NOMAD ACCENT embraces the skill of nomadic tribes for incorporating bright, pure colours such as mustard yellow and cherry red with warm earth tones and geometric designs in their fabrics. Montibello transfers this knowhow to hair with the exclusive new HAIR ACCENT colouring technique.

Vibrant accent colours provide contrast, rich tones and depth to achieve singular looks in key monochrome shades and gain prominence according to the geometric design used in each style. This controlled contrast opens a new palette of more sophisticated, warm-cool shades.

Our looks
What do you offer your customers when they're bored of the same old colour?

We'd like to present HAIR ACCENT, to add a touch of colour to those customers who are bored of the same plain colour or the same solid block of colour. With the new technique they can break up the colour in a controlled way, from more subtle to more pronounced contrasts.

It's the perfect hair colouring technique for those customers who are hesitant about adding another colour to their hair and who want to add the final colour for their look. Use HAIR ACCENT and discover the endless possibilities the new technique can give you!


This technique allows us to create unique, sophisticated warm-cool combinations for every client and incorporate bright, intense colours–or accents–on key monochromatic base shades. The aim is to break the monotony of winter colours by creating looks that are bursting with unique, versatile looks that are brimming with personality.

The accent colour is applied to the hair in a geometric pattern to increase or reduce its prominence in the final look.
This accent colour also provides varying levels of contrast depending on the similarity of the shades used, a contrast that is controlled and harmonious thanks to the balanced warm-cool outcome.

The versatile new HAIR ACCENT technique consists of 3 steps, each with different options to provide you with infinite possibilities. Select the option that best suits your client in each of the three steps. Mix and match them to create the final shade and look that best suits your client!