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Permanent Hair Colouring



Multifunctional range 2 in 1 system that works as a permanent colour or as tone-on-tone for multi-tonal shades that create metallic iridescence and a cool tone with a natural finish. 

A versatile colour system that offers infinite possibilities for new bespoke services: 

- Colour
- Refresh 
- Illuminate 
- Toning 
- Colour Melt  


Apply on base shades Level 4-10 to achieve:

- NATURAL RESULTS (Levels 4-6)
- COOL SHADES (Levels 6-8)
- METALLIC SHADES (Levels 8- 10)

Provides up to 3 levels of lift depending on the technique used to cover all your needs. 

Covers up to 30% of grey hair. 


Versatility and multi-tonal finish thanks to advanced formula and Liquid Crystal technology: 

Advanced formula for incredible versatility: 

- Versatility
- Low ammonia content
- Highly concentrated pigments 
- Respect for hair 

Liquid Crystal technology for a multi-tonal finish: 

The microscopic crystal structures that are capable of regulating the amount of pigment deposited on the fibre according to the hair’s needs while respecting the base colour.


A hair colour that offers your salon new opportunities: 

- A versatile colour system that covers every need in colour services: Colour, colour refresh, toning, grey coverage.  
- A profitable colour system: 8 shades that can be used in permanent and tone on tone services
- 8 multi-tonal shades for achieving a range of results: 

o Natural results 
o Cool tones 
o Metallic finishes 


60 gr