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A controled hair lightening system. It allows you to carry out precise, controled decolourations, thanks  to the fact that the lightening action of the mixture stops, automatically, when 20 minutes of the development time have elapsed. Ideal for slight hair lightening of from 1 to 2 tones of lift.
1. Amonia and persulfate free Lightening oil which, combined with the activator, lightens up to 2 levels of lift. Idel for light hair lightening and colour changes.
2. Activator wich achieves the right texture for the bleaching process and which allows excellent application.
3. Always follow the instructions for use and the precautions during use written in the brochure.


Do not wash the hair before the application.
1. Mix 30 g of number 1 (Lightening Oil) with 60 g of numer 2 (Activator) (1:2 ratio) in a non metallic bowl until you obtain a homogeneus, even mixture. 
2. Apply the mixture according to the chosen technique. Alow to develop for between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the hair decolouring or lightening result you wish to obtain on the hair colour base. 
3. Remove excess product with a comb and/or paper (rins off and dry if necessary)
4. Then proceed with the application of the chosen tint, following the usual procedure. 
5. Leave the tint to develop, rinse the hair thoroughly and wash with TEAT NATURTECH COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO.


The PLATIBLANC ADVANCED product range incorporates Pomegranate Oil Omega-5, which revitalises the hair and protects the scalp. With anti-free radical and dermo-calming effect. PLATIBLANC ADVANCED CONTROLLED BLOND incorporates LIFT-STOP technology, which regulates the formation of active oxygen, mantaining the lightening power under control.


200 ml + 400 ml